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Reality based martial arts focusing on real world situations and character development!

  • We love coach Brian and coach drew! There staff is awesome too. My sons been taking karate there for about 9 months and he loves it. They are truly amazing with the children! Great place and proud to have my son in their program!


    Christy Pfuntner

  • The Coaches are amazing people who set the standard and help their students meet it. Positive atmosphere and my Son thoroughly enjoys it here.


    Joli Michele Gabrielli

  • We love everyone here. Coaches are great and the staff and students are as well. Taking my daughter to a whole new level of Martial Arts.


    Angie Koon Hausman

  • I received my black belt in Tae Kwon Do from National Karate years ago. My nine-year-old daughter and my wife are currently students at the school. I must say the curriculum is definitely exciting,and a lot more well-rounded. While I learned to kick,punch, and fight efficiently and effectively, they are learning more self-defense ,ground defense ,knife and gun defense, as well as kicks,strikes,and punches. One of the first things my daughter was taught was how to handle a bully at school and stranger danger! I am ready to go back through their curriculum to get my second degree black belt! If you are looking for a great karate school with fantastic coaches Andrew Maness and Brian Plempel have brought you that with this school!!


    Kent Hartshorn

  • Friends in Summerville area National Karate MMA is offering classes to all age groups. This is my brother’s school. He has decades of teaching experience, is a superior coach with high standards, a love for kids and a heart for Christ. His business partner is a former world champion in his field. If you or your kids are interested in a high quality martial arts education, check him out!!


    Hayley Maness Fust

  • Everyone is great here. The instructors are very nice and they teach very well here. The kids are well treated and cared for during the week. I’ve been going here for over a year and I love it.


    Michael Bord

  • Excellent coaches, my son’s self confidence has improved so much since he started attending


    Rocio Abrams

  • Great place for kids and adults alike. Coach drew and his staff are great!!


    Melody Phillips

  • Took taekwondo here and got my black belt. Trained here for 7 years and loved it! Great after school program and great martial arts instructors! Check it out… You won’t be disappointed!


    Lee Underkoffler

  • Great Instructors! My son loves going and has learned so much. I recommend them.


    Kim Hall Cote

  • It is an awesome school. The teachers are great and my son can’t wait to go and learn and have fun.


    Jonathan Allen

  • My boys love it and I wouldn’t send them anywhere else!


    Marquetta Beldin


Summerville- conveniently located in the Oakbrook area of Summerville. Our address is 827 Travelers Blvd. Summerville, SC 29485, right off of Trolley Rd.

Goose Creek- located at the intersection of Hwy 176 and Hwy 52. Our address is 105 St. James Ave. Goose Creek, SC 29445